11/03/2015 - A Lunch Talk with… Ilaria Campeggio

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A Lunch Talk with… Ilaria Campeggio
On March 11th, at 1 p.m., in the living room of the Library (Building B), the students of the B.A. in Global Governance of the University of Rome Tor Vergata will meet Ilaria Campeggio for a Lunch Talk.
The meeting will be introduced by Prof. Elisabetta Strickland, full Professor of Algebra at Tor Vergata University and Vice-President of the Comitato Unico di Garanzia of the University

Ilaria (Tricase, Lecce, 1987) entered in the Carabinieri in 2006, when she started to attend the Academy for Cadet Officers of Modena.
In 2011 she graduated with honors in Law.
She has always had a passion for horse riding, and from 2011 she headed “Plotone”, the 4th Regiment of Cavalry of the Carabinieri .
In 2014 she was appointed commander of Squadron of the 4th Regiment of the Carabinieri: she is the first woman to achieve this degree in the history of Carabinieri.
Here find more info about the 4th regiment of Carabinieri:

Lunch Talk is a project of the students and professors of the B.A. in Global Government aimed at promoting informal meetings and discussions with people with significant life experiences and innovative ideas to share, in fields such as arts, literature, music, sports, religion, society, politics, and other areas still in search of a name.

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